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WhatsApp Web also available for iOS: use app on the Mac - How it works

iOS users had to wait to use WhatsApp Web on the iPhone for a long time. Now is the function to use WhatsApp on the Mac, finally using the iPhone's possible. Until now, iPhone users use long detours to use WhatsApp Web. Many users are therefore stayed true to the iMessage service. We'll show you how to use WhatsApp website for the iPhone.

For a long time user of Android smartphones, Windows Phones and other operating system WhatsApp Web could use on their PCs. Now this option is finally available for iPhone users.

Instructions: First way

To support with the iPhone to use WhatsApp Web on the Mac, there are two ways: First of all, you should use the latest update of whatsapp application on your iphone to install.Once the update has been made ​​and you open the app again, the new function appears in the app. You can find this by going into the settings of the WhatsApp application "Settings".As a third point (according to "Info" and "inform friends") is now the menu item "WhatsApp Web". If you click it, you are prompted, the website of whatsapp web to open the browser.Then you need to scan with the camera of your iPhone the QR code and follow the instructions. If the code is recognized by the iPhone camera, the WhatsApp web application on iPhone with the Web version and your contacts and chats connects appear on Mac. A useful information is the fact that WhatsApp Web browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari support, Internet Explorer does not.

The second option

If you the new menu item will not appear in the WhatsApp application that helps only wait even until the update is available - or reinstall WhatsApp, but only after a chat backup.When backing up you should be careful when you create what you choose (for example, backing up movies with include), so you do not lose any data. Following the successful reinstallation then the new menu item for WhatsApp Web should be available and you can follow the above steps.

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